Which keyword planner is the best for your work?

When you need a keyword planner, you can get one that comes with everything you need for a keyword search.That’s what the search engine Keyword Planner does, and it’s free.But when it comes to what you need to know about your keywords, you’re going to want to pay more. Keyword Planer’s Keyword Search has more features […]

How to plan a 21-day vacation for your children and their families: A guide to your home-schooling lessons

Plan a 21 day vacation with your children, or make a longer one for yourself by taking your time with them.If you have kids at home, plan for at least a week and a half of home schooling, or more.A longer vacation will help you prepare for a later date when you can attend more […]

What to expect at the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games

The Japanese Olympic Committee announced on Thursday that the 2020 Tokyo Olympics will be held on the island of Acnh Island, in the northern region of the archipelago.The decision comes after the Japanese government spent two years researching and developing the AcnH Island plan.The plan would be the first Olympics in which the islands of […]

Microsoft’s new custom planner: A better way to manage your calendar, notes, and other information, but you’ll need a tablet to use it

Microsoft’s custom planner has been a boon to tablet users since it was first released in 2014.The new version of the planner now includes a number of new features, including a built-in camera, customizable tabs, and even more features like a calendar-style “live” section.The Microsoft Custom Planner app can be downloaded for free for Windows […]

Why I’ve Quit My Job as a Sales Representative

I started my career as a sales rep.It was a great opportunity to make some money and then some.I was working on a team of about 30 people who were selling books and magazines, doing marketing, and doing the whole “buying the book” thing.And then I got promoted and moved to a bigger team.At this […]

My happy planner is ready to help you get your planner on the right track

Posted February 13, 2018 06:03:20 A happy planner can be the difference between success and failure.It’s also the tool that will help you stay motivated, get rid of clutter and find the right planner.The perfect planner is one that is intuitive, has a built-in feature and is easy to use.It can also make you feel […]

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