Coronavirus Crisis: Where Are They Now?

“The world is going to hell in a handbasket,” said one senior executive at a large Fortune 500 company.“We’re going to have a huge tsunami of people with no insurance.”Read moreThe executive was talking about the crisis in Europe, where the U.S. is the biggest trading partner.The crisis is not only spreading through the European […]

Wedding planner salaries,bande planner salary range

Wedding planners are earning a lot of money these days.The average wedding planner earns more than $120,000 per year.And they’re not the only ones.Here are the top 20 wedding planner salaries and the average bande planner salaries in the United States: The Top 20 Wedding Planner Salaries in the U.S. 1.Bride’s Bride (bridesmaids and brides) […]

A free route planner for instagram, google+, and facebook!

Posted October 11, 2018 10:50:08 Free route planner (FRP) for the world of social media.With this app, you can plan routes to events, social gatherings, places, restaurants, and much more!FRP works by tracking which routes you have chosen, your route information, and the destinations you choose to attend.You can then share and schedule routes with […]

Happy planner stickers to help you get to your next meeting with a new logo

3D Room planner stickers, inspired by the designs of a new office, are a new way to get to a meeting.They’re a new type of stickers that you’ll find in the Office Depot, but you’ll also find them at many of the major online retailers like Amazon and Target.They’re an excellent way to add a […]

Why do you have to buy a car when you can hire an online planner?

A car isn’t the only option for planners and planners want to know how their car is going to get to work or to their office.Here’s what you need to know about hiring an online auto planner.What is an online car planner?The term “online auto planner” has been used in India since the late 1800s.Today, […]

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