Driving route planner on college student planning

College student planner Stephen Burtzler was inspired to create the College Student Route Planner after his girlfriend and his wife divorced and he was struggling with finances.

“I was like, ‘Hey, why don’t I just do it all by myself?'” he said.

“She didn’t want to do it alone.”

Burtzier is an avid planner who uses Google Maps, but has been doing it solo since he graduated in 2017.

Burtzer, 23, is an assistant professor at the College of Charleston and an assistant dean for student affairs.

He said he began thinking about college planning because of the college’s large student population and the growing number of students looking for a reliable, cost-effective way to plan their future.

“If you want to know how to plan a student life, how to organize it, how many kids to have, how much money you want and what kind of classes you want, that’s pretty much the whole point of being a college student,” he said, noting that the college has many student organizations, student clubs, and community events.

“That’s how I’m trying to help people get out of debt,” he added.

Bustzier said he decided to start the College Route Planter because he wanted to use Google Maps to help students plan their lives.

He said that he has been working on the site for more than two years and that it’s grown over the years.

“We started out with about 10 students and now we have over 1,000 students, and it has grown by leaps and bounds,” he explained.

Buster, who is based in Charleston, South Carolina, was inspired by the College Students Route Planer website that was launched last year.

He decided to take a step back from his work and create a college route planner.

“When I was working in my career, I would sit down with my assistant and say, ‘How do we get this done?'” he recalled.

“When I saw that the College Routes website was growing and that the student section was growing, I wanted to build the same thing.”

The college route planning site, which features a map that tracks the route of each route, also has information about which colleges students attend, how long they have been at the college and the number of student organizations that are in attendance.

Birtzier also said that the site will be free for college students to use, but the service is currently only available to the public.

He added that the service will not be sold to universities.

“This is a free service,” he noted.

“There’s no advertising.

It’s a way to help young people and give them a better sense of the way they should live their life.”

Busting down the barriersBurtzy said that a lot of college students feel intimidated by their college campuses.

“Many students think that they have to leave campus every single year, and they can’t even get to their office without having to walk across campus to get to the campus gym,” he recalled, adding that some students also fear that they won’t be able to get the support they need if they are late to campus.

“College students don’t want people to be afraid to say they’re late,” he continued.

“College students are going to come to the college to learn and to live their lives, and so they need to be able and willing to take the initiative to be open about the obstacles that they may have to overcome in order to get there.”

Buster said that students should not feel that they are required to come up with ideas and make plans in order for the college route to be completed.

“A college student should be able take time to come together and say that we have this idea, this problem, this need to get here,” he stressed.

“A college route plan should be a resource that anyone can take to help them get there, not an excuse for them to not take the time to really think through how they’re going to do their best to get from point A to point B.”

Bustzy, who lives in Columbia, South Africa, is a graduate of the University of the Witwatersrand in Johannesburg.

He plans to continue working on his college route plans for the next few years.

The College Student Guide to the CollegeRoutePlanner is available online at collegerouteplanner.com.

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