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Microsoft has released a new version of its online planner app called “Planner”, which is available in the Microsoft Store for $0.99. 

This new version is the latest update to the Microsoft Online planner, which was launched in May 2017. 

The app is still in beta and the developers have made some changes to the app to make it easier to use.

The app includes several new features, such as the ability to create a new project, manage multiple project groups, and create a custom project template. 

Some of the features include:• Creating a project template for a project with a few clicks• Customizing project templates by dragging and dropping on the grid• Creating and managing project groups with a single click• Creating new projects, project templates, and custom project templates for your current project• Setting the project to be shared with others via email, Slack, or Google Hangouts• Setting project templates to sync to your calendar and calendar events• Adding project events to the calendar to track them as you progress• Import and export project templates and project templates from other platforms (including Google Docs, Microsoft Teams, Microsoft SharePoint, and Microsoft OneDrive)• Creating your own custom project pages, projects, and project groups• Creating project templates in Microsoft Office Online, PowerPoint, Excel, OneNote, Outlook,, and OneDrive for Mac• Import project templates directly into the Microsoft online planner for use in Microsoft Outlook and SharePoint and export to a PDF file and PDF viewer in Word, Excel and PowerPoint. 

One of the main features that make this new version easier to read and use is the new “Planning” tab. 

There, you can view and edit project templates that you have created, or add a new one to the existing ones. 

Additionally, you will be able to share projects that are being created through Microsoft OneNote and Outlook, or even add your own project templates using your own documents and images. 

Another major change in the app is the ability for you to create custom project types. 

Project templates can be any type of content that you can use to design your project. 

For example, you could create a project that is meant to have a variety of activities, such a grocery shopping trip, a family vacation, or a business trip. 

To create a customized project template, you simply drag and drop the content from your document into the template, and it will automatically be saved to your project folder. 

You can also add the same content to a new Project type, or you can simply add it to your existing project templates. 

I personally found the new editing capabilities to be useful for creating more detailed templates, as well as adding new content that I needed to include in the project.

The app also has a new “Custom” tab, which allows you to add a project type to the default project templates on the app. 

If you need more information about these features, you should check out the full Microsoft online planning blog post. 

While this is a new update, Microsoft is still working to add support for more projects and projects types, and also to add more templates.

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