How to Plan a New York Wedding template

The bride and groom have arrived at their final destination.

But the honeymoon can’t last forever.

So here’s a template that will help you plan a wedding that will last for years.


How to Write a New Wedding Invitation template The first step in planning a wedding is to figure out what you want your guests to say.

This is where a wedding invitation comes in handy.

In the template, you’ll choose a theme for your wedding, a bride’s name, and the bride’s age, from the 30-year range to 20-years-old.

Then, you put the following elements in the template.

1-Bride Name.

The bride’s full name.

2-Bride Age.

The date she will wed.

3-Bride Country.

The country she will be married to. 4-Bride Wedding Date.

The day the wedding will take place.

5-Bride Place of Birth.

The state where the wedding takes place.

6-Bride Phone Number.

The number of a phone number for the bride and the groom.

7-Bride Email Address.

The email address of the bride.

8-Bride Last Name.

This name is used by all the guests who will be attending the wedding.

9-Bride Date of Wedding.

This date will be used to get the wedding invitation.

10-Bride Time of Wedding (if applicable).

This is the date on which the wedding ceremony will take off, and is often called “wedding day.”

The day is typically set to coincide with the anniversary of your wedding.


The size of a cup and how much it will be. 12-Brides Name.

For the most part, the bride will have a name, like the bride of the month or bride of course.

If the groom has a name like the groom of the year, then he will have his own name.

13-Bridal Dresses.

These will typically be a long dress that hangs over a skirt or blouse.

14-Bride Shoes.

For more formal wedding dress, you might choose to wear shoes that are longer and have pockets, like a blazer.


Some wedding invitations will list food and drink.

Some will list the cost of a hostess, such as a waitress.

The catering element is optional.

You’ll need to decide if the hostess will be making a payment for your meal or service.


The name of the groom and the wedding venue.

17-Date of Wedding, if applicable.

This could be the date the wedding occurs or a date in the future.


A wedding dress is traditionally a length of silk or other fabric, or it could be a simple blouse or a skirt.

A dress can be of a certain style, like formal, casual, or more traditional.

19-Clergy, officiant, and dressmaker.

The wedding officiant or the bridegroom, or the two of them.


A simple dress is usually enough.

Some styles of dresses are less formal than others.

21-Wedding Guest List.

This can be an actual list of guests or a list of friends and family who can help with the wedding planning.


You may choose a catering company.

Or, you can use a website like this one to help you choose the best one.

23-Warranty/Return Policy.

The amount of time the wedding is being held or the amount of money the wedding costs will be covered.


These may be given at the time of the wedding or at a later date.

25-Walking Stands.

You can make these outside or inside the venue.

They can be big or small.


Some guests may prefer wearing a bracelet or earrings.

They may also choose a headband.

27-Bride and Groom.

This should be the most important element of your template.

28-Cost of Wedding and other items.

This includes any expenses, such, transportation to and from the venue, food and drinks, flowers, and so on. 29-Cost for Wedding Dress, Wedding Shoes, and other Wedding Supplies.

This may include wedding favors, dress making supplies, catering supplies, etc. 30-Conduct.

You don’t want to have to ask your guests what they want to wear.

31-Currency exchange.

For those who want to make a long distance payment, the exchange rate between the two currencies is usually set at the end of the template (which is the day after the wedding).

32-Time of Wedding/Weddings.

This will be the day the ceremony takes off and can be the last day of the ceremony.


Coupons are often used in some online stores to help make your wedding less expensive.

34-Wills and Testamentaries.

The will and testamentaries for the ceremony and other events

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