How to plan a trip to the US for Christmas

In an effort to cut down on the amount of travel costs and to ensure that holidaymakers do not suffer financially when travelling to America, the Government of Ireland is setting up an online travel plan.

The plan was launched today by the Department of Tourism, Tourism, Sports and Culture.

It will give travellers an opportunity to make a personalised trip and will allow them to book their trip online.

It will also enable them to take advantage of a variety of benefits, including free wi-fi, a complimentary hotel stay and a free holiday package.

“The Government of the Republic of Ireland believes that the best way to ensure a successful holiday season is to maximise the number of visitors to Ireland, and this plan will allow visitors to make an informed choice in order to enjoy a holiday,” Tourism Minister Denis Naughten said.

Travel companies such as Holiday Park, Irish Travel & Leisure, Holiday Rentals and Vivid Entertainment are all working together to develop the scheme.

The Government has set up a new website that allows people to register their holiday and the number and type of hotels they want to book, so that they can check for availability on the site.

“This website will also help visitors to find out more about the plans available to them,” Naughte said.

The website also offers a number of useful information, including: how much money to expect to spend and how to compare travel options, and what benefits will be available; how much to expect in the various holiday destinations, and the cost of hotel accommodation; how to book holiday hotels and where to find accommodation; and more.

The Government is also launching an online calculator, which can be used to find hotels and other travel information, and a contact form for holidaymakers.

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