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How to plan an appointment for an Uber driver

Uber, the popular ride-hailing company, is using the internet to connect drivers with passengers.In a statement, the company said it will soon start offering “Uber-enabled” booking for all UberX drivers, including drivers who work in its San Francisco headquarters.The company will work with partners to enable these booking options, which will also include booking for […]

Which Macros are Best? 3D room planner for Mac

3D planning has been around for a while, but has seen a resurgence in recent years with the rise of apps like Plano and QuickPlan.But now the time has come to start a 3D meal planner that is more than just a kitchen tool.What’s the best 3D planner for you?This is the question we asked […]

Get your garden planner out of the closet, and in a bag!

When you need to get a planner out in public, it’s a pain.It’s not as easy as you think.The free, online garden planner service Evo planner has a whole bunch of features that can make it an easy and convenient option to get your garden planning in the mail.We’re going to break down the basics […]

3d room planners,daytimers and other DIY projects

You’ve probably had your heart broken by an early morning commute.You’ve wanted to make it to your desk to check email and check the weather, but you’re also worried about missing the family on the way.Today we’re sharing three DIY projects that can help you make a night out at home feel more like a […]

Which wedding planner job is best for you?

A recent survey of wedding planners by CareerBuilder found that a growing number of women are turning to professional wedding planners for help with wedding planning and wedding day planning.While this trend has been going on for some time, many new bride and groom alike are looking to the wedding planners that offer the best […]

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