‘Planner Design’ design team unveils ‘Emily Ley’ design project

The Emily Leys creative agency has unveiled a new design project for a daily planner that is being created for a family in the New York area.

The design is being developed for a New York family with a young daughter, who lives in the Hudson Valley.

Emily and her team have been working with the family since the start of the summer.

“We have been in touch with the team and are thrilled to finally present our design to them,” she said.

“The team is excited to bring the project to life and we hope you will too.”

The design features the iconic logo of the Emily Lefever Agency, a leading design firm that has worked with celebrities including Angelina Jolie, Kate Upton and Katy Perry.

Its theme is ‘life’ and its logo is a white ribbon with an orange circle in the middle.

A number of the elements are inspired by life, from the ribbon, to the blue and white striped tiles, to a traditional ribbon.

The design includes a family tree.

You can view the full design on the Emilly Lefver Agency website.

Emily Laffwell has been a pioneer of the design of daily planners.

Her agency was founded in 1977 by her husband, the late John Lefwell.

They had five successful projects before she left the agency in 1993.

She founded her own agency, Lefewell Associates, in 1992.

Her most recent clients include New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg and New York Governor Andrew Cuomo.

“We’ve always been a leader in the field of designing planners,” said John Laffwill.

“There are a lot of new designers and innovators, and we feel the time has come for us to be a leader again in this area.”

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