How a few new features could make life easier for residents in 2019

Plans for a few city projects have been shelved after being revealed as a “top priority” by the city’s planning department.The city’s executive director, Michael Ahern, told The Associated Press that the project would have cost the city $1.1 billion to complete.He said the project will be “under consideration for some time.”The plan calls for […]

The Nursing Student Planner: A Guide to Planning for Success, Part 2

2021 planner title The Nurings of Life: A Nursings guide to the Life of the Nurturer, Part 1 article 2020 planner Title The Nurturing Student: An Nurtures Guide to the Care of a Nurtured Child, Part 5 article 2020 planner Title Taking Care of Your Child, a Nutshell: A Brief Guide to Caregiving, Part 3 […]

Why you should be using a budget planner to help you plan your holidays

The world of travel planning is littered with guides and calculators that give you a snapshot of what you’re spending money on, but there’s a difference between an accurate and simple plan and a plan that’s actually useful.This article aims to explain how budgeting works and how to use one.Budgeting and budgeting apps are tools […]

Which NFL wedding planner should you follow?

NFL wedding planners are increasingly popular and more accessible than ever before.But when it comes to planning your wedding, how do you know what’s going to be a great time?Here’s what you need to know to make the best decisions for your wedding.More: NFL Wedding Planner: Best Free Wedding Planning Tools for Wedding Professionals | […]

How to schedule the perfect trip planner for the 2020 season

Plan your next trip with a daily planner that lets you schedule all of your major trips, including holidays, family vacations, business trips, business meetings, and even sports.You can even use it to schedule an event, too.A simple, flexible template can be a lifesaver for the planning, scheduling, and sharing of your trip.Read on to […]

How to plan for your wedding with leather planner

From leather to jewelry, designer Louis Vuitton planner Louis Vuitch’s line of luxury planner pieces is an affordable way to customize your wedding.But if you want a piece that will last, or you just want something simple and functional, here are 10 things you should know before you go ahead and purchase one.1.The Price: Louis […]

How to plan an appointment for an Uber driver

Uber, the popular ride-hailing company, is using the internet to connect drivers with passengers.In a statement, the company said it will soon start offering “Uber-enabled” booking for all UberX drivers, including drivers who work in its San Francisco headquarters.The company will work with partners to enable these booking options, which will also include booking for […]

Which wedding planner job is best for you?

A recent survey of wedding planners by CareerBuilder found that a growing number of women are turning to professional wedding planners for help with wedding planning and wedding day planning.While this trend has been going on for some time, many new bride and groom alike are looking to the wedding planners that offer the best […]

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