Student planner gets $5M to make sure all students are on the same page

Student planner Katie Hester-Browns is getting $5 million to make certain that students are all on the exact same page.

Hester-browns, a student planner at Stanford University, has spent the past six months running a project called “A Student’s Guide to Planning Your First Year,” where she has surveyed over 300 Stanford students about their plans for their first year of college.

The $5m, three-year grant from the National Institutes of Health (NIH) will support Hester, who is now a senior, in her efforts to keep students on track, according to the news outlet.

According to the NIH grant, which is administered through the National Institute on Aging, Hester will provide support to the first two years of the project and provide additional resources for the next three years.

Hesters first year project has already cost about $4.5 million, with the next two years covering about $2.3 million.

The money is part of the NIH’s $100 million National Student Aid Initiative, which was created to provide more funding to low-income students in order to help them pay for college.

It also aims to improve outcomes for all students.

The NIH grants help with many aspects of student aid, including student-centered advising, tutoring and financial aid.

The grant will support her efforts in ensuring that all students get the information they need to plan their college years.

“I think this grant is going to be incredibly helpful for Katie and other students, particularly for the first couple of years of college,” said Dr. Eric Shierholz, the NIH Director-General, in a statement.

“As students get closer to graduation, they are going to need to take the time to know how their options and their options are going in college.”

Hester’s first year will focus on helping students plan for the following two years, with another year set aside to help students with college planning and help them navigate the college experience.

She is also working on a third year that will focus specifically on students with disabilities.

“Katie is an extraordinary student, and the grant is an amazing way to help her learn more about student financial aid, to be a more engaged and active participant in the college community, and to get involved in our efforts to help all students succeed,” said Hester’s mentor, Mark Stryk, in an email to The Huffington Post.

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