‘Weird Al’ Yankovic’s death leaves an island planner reeling

NEW YORK — A New York City island planner is mourning the death of a “weird Al” Yanković singer who died from complications of an infection.

“I was devastated to hear of his passing,” said Jennifer M. Schoenfeld, who was a music supervisor at the Yankos’ estate and helped plan their island, in a statement to The Associated Press.

“He had so much promise for this world.

I miss his smile and his laughter.”

A few weeks ago, M.J. Schubert, the Yanks’ publicist, sent a letter to The AP to say that Yankovich died after being hospitalized at Bellevue Hospital on Oct. 26.

“It was an incredible, miraculous and inspiring moment,” she said.

“We were blessed to be surrounded by his music.

He was the embodiment of a true artist.

I will never forget him.

I have no words to describe his impact on my life.”

Schuberts letter said Yankovsky was found dead by his girlfriend and that his death was ruled a suicide.

She said he was 39.

Yankowsky had not been diagnosed with pneumonia and was in stable condition at Bellevues, where his death certificate says he died from pneumonia.

Schiberts statement said her family was “in shock” and that her husband was a “big supporter” of the Yanking family.

Yanks family is also “shocked and saddened by this news,” according to the statement.

The Yankovics had been traveling to Hawaii and California for concerts in recent weeks, with Yankiewicz also scheduled to perform in Las Vegas on Nov. 9.

The concert was canceled amid the outbreak.

“Al’s incredible talents and his infectious energy brought joy and positivity to millions of people all over the world,” SchuBERTS statement said.

M.J.’s husband, Robert, has said he’s not surprised by the death.

“They’re both so big, and I feel so sad for them, but I also feel like I’m doing them a favor,” he told the New York Daily News in February.

“All my heart goes out to them and I know that they have loved ones who have been devastated.

They will always be in my heart.”

Yankowski had a long history of health issues and was diagnosed with cancer in 2016.

He had been battling the illness since last June, and he said in March that he was in remission.

A memorial service is planned for Nov. 14 at Bellevuing Hospital.

The memorial service will feature songs written by Yankowicz and the Yats on a piano and will feature a tribute to his music from the band Yankzies.

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