When the Trump administration leaves office, it will have to start thinking about the next president’s school project

By John WagnerPublished 01.30.2018 07:00:49President Donald Trump is set to leave office on Jan. 20 and, in the meantime, the Obama administration will be grappling with a new school project.

The Trump administration has been considering whether to build a new public school building for the state of Maryland.

The school is one of three public schools in the state that have been shuttered since the federal government cut off funding in October.

The schools were closed because the Department of Education said the state lacked the funding to meet the standards for charter schools and that they didn’t meet the requirements of Title I, the federal law that requires states to have a high percentage of low-income and minority students.

The decision to shut down the schools comes as Trump is seeking to slash federal funding to states that do not comply with the Affordable Care Act, which requires them to cover children’s health insurance.

The president’s decision will likely have an impact on the $1.3 billion in state funding that the Department for Education is required to provide to public schools each year.

The state Department of Elementary and Secondary Education has said it will provide the federal funds to support the closure of the schools.

It will take months to determine what needs to be done to address the closure, which has already impacted the students.

The school is located in the historic Old City in Baltimore and is a key part of the local community.

Students and teachers who work at the schools are being given a month to relocate.

In the meantime the school district will be working with a local company to build the new school.

The new school building would be a new facility for the district, which is the only public school in the Baltimore area that is funded entirely by the state.

That means the state would pay for the construction of the new building.

The federal government gave the state until April 10 to meet its standards.

The deadline has come and gone.

The Trump administration wants to give states a year to comply with federal standards before the federal funding ends.

The Department of Transportation announced that it will begin building the new schools and said it was making sure they would be able to reopen within a year.

In December, the Maryland Department of Labor and Industry had recommended that the state build its new school within two years, but that was delayed due to a lack of federal funding.

The Maryland Department for Human Resources said the Trump Department of Health and Human Services would need to approve the plan.

The construction process could take months, the state Department for Elementary and Elementary Education said.

It has been unable to provide details on the timeline, but said the process could be expected to be completed by late spring.

The move comes as Baltimore, a city that has seen the loss of more than 30,000 public school students in recent years, faces a similar dilemma.

The city has about 20 schools.

Some are under construction, while others are being used as temporary facilities.

The city has said that the school closings have caused a drop in the number of students in public schools, as the state has given more federal funding than in recent decades.

A federal judge ruled that the city could not block the closure until the state completed its plans.

It could take weeks or months to decide whether to continue with the closure.

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